Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top SS

  1. Corey Byrd
    Byrd is a very good defensive SS with good range, a good glove, and a strong, accurate arm. He's durable and young. He makes good contact with good power. He dominates LHP while he really really struggles against RHP. He's got a good eye that helps him out a lot.
  2. Jorge Marichal
    A below average defender, Marichal doesn't have the range or glove that one looks for in a true SS, but he has an exceptionally strong arm. He's durable. He makes good contact with some power. He drives the ball well against RHP while not too bad against LHP. He's got a great eye and decent speed.
  3. Eddie Lloyd
    A below average defensive SS at this point in his career, there is still a slight chance he could become an average SS. He does an average job at making contact, but does possess good power. He's better against LHP than RHP, although he's no slouch against RHP. He's got an above average eye and really good speed.

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