Monday, February 7, 2011


  1. Eric Carp
    A good defensive SS, Carp would make any defense instantly better. He's not great with the bat, but he's not a black hole on offense. Anybody who consistently produces .270/.328/.407 at the bottom of the lineup is a pretty solid thing to have. He struggles to hit RHP and struggles with the strike zone. He has decent power and is good against LHP. He's not going to strike out a lot.
  2. Marty Little
    Another player who immediately improves the defense, Little has no idea of the strike zone. He's durable, and he can hit LHP pretty well. He's got below average power, and above average contact ability. He is average against righties. He can hold down the fort for a team and shouldn't have any problems performing at a decent level.
  3. Charley Coleridge (signed w/New York Highlanders; 4 years/$20.8M)
    This guy is a true black hole on offense. He's an excellent defender who has plus range, glove, and a plus plus arm. He should definitely be in contention for the GG award every season. He's got good durability and good speed. He has below average power, a innate inability to consistently put the bat to the ball, and he struggles against even mediocre pitching. He does have an above average eye.

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