Monday, November 25, 2013

Top SP

I'm going to refrain from making comments on these pitchers.These are the ratings that I feel most comfortable with and ranks players close to where they belong.

  1. Julian Tejeda (SEA) 82.86
  2. Les Gunderson (CHY) 81.86
  3. Zachrey Hogan (JAC) 81.43
  4. Sogard Hoffman (CHR) 81.43
  5. Damian Woo (FLA) 80.86
  6. Buck Stark (NB) 80.29
  7. Rick Burkhart (TEX) 79.29
  8. Kelvim Justic (PIT) 79.14
  9. Shep Blanks (CHY) 78.14
  10. Art Maddox (CLB) 77.86

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top RF

  1. Ken Melancon (CHR) 76.86
    Doesn't strike out much. Has a good eye. Dominates LHP while doing well against RHP. Has some power. Can't play defense at all. Has a solid arm though.
  2. Michel Miro (LA) 76.29
    Miro will strike out more than you'd like, but he has a lot of power. Drives the ball well and can work a walk. Good range and strong arm, struggles with the glove.
  3. Al Mondesi (SEA) 76.14
    Won't strike out much at all, but does drive the ball well. Can work a walk and hit for some power. Good defender.
  4. Jim Carroll (LR) 76.00
  5. Seth Myers (TOR) 75.86
  6. Jhonny Manzanillo (NB) 74.86
  7. Denny Spencer (MNT) 72.57
  8. Sean Stearns (CLB) 72.57
  9. Carlos Baez (LV) 72.14
  10. Alex Zhang (RIC) 71.57

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top CF

  1. Steve Piper (FLA) 75.43
    Piper has solid range and a good glove. He makes strong contact with some power. He drives the ball and runs the bases well. He can get on base via the walk.
  2. Carl Ripken (SEA) 73.14
    Ripken doesn't possess the great range and glove of some CF, but he makes up for it with lightning in his bat. He will strike out some, but has lots of power. He can drive the ball. Average eye.
  3. Sven Sherman (PIT) 72.71
    Sherman has tremendous range, but lacks a great glove. He has good power, but will strikeout. He can drive the ball although he struggles against LHP.
  4. Orlando Hernandez (HON) 71.71
  5. Jorge Garces (LA) 71.57
  6. Daniel Urbie (CH2) 71.00
  7. Shawn Shields (ARI) 70.29
  8. Enrique Gonzales (CLB) 69.43
  9. Esteban Perez (PHI) 69.14
  10. Trenidad Cervelli (RIC) 68.86

Top LF

  1. Alex Blanco (OTT) 80.71
    Blanco drives the ball extremely well. Has good range and glove. Good eye. Solid at making contact. Good power.
  2. Hayes Brown (LA) 76.00
    Tremendous defensive LF, Brown drives the ball equally well against LHP and RHP. Solid eye. Doesn't strike out too much. Solid power.
  3. Hideki Koh (FLA) 75.43
    Good power. Drives the ball extremely well. Doesn't have a great eye. Solid range. Solid eye.
  4. Shawn Brooks (CLE) 72.43
  5. David Chavez (NB) 72.00
  6. Phillip Shields (TEX) 71.43
  7. Bob Jones (JAX) 71.00
  8. Geraldo Olivares (CHY) 70.57
  9. Dusty McDonald (ATL) 70.14
  10. Vic Chavez (OTT) 70.00

Monday, November 18, 2013

Top SS

  1. Cesar Cruz (NB) 78.44
    Cruz can hit for solid power. Has a good eye. Hits well against LHP. Does strike out a little more than you'd like. Solid but not spectacular defensively.
  2. Rigo Rosado (SYR) 76.89
    Dominates LHP, doesn't strike out much. Average eye. Lacks idea range or arm accuracy. Good glove, strong arm.
  3. Robert Miller (SEA) 76.22
    Has terrible range, but a solid glove and good arm. Dominant against LHP. Solid eye and solid power. Decent against RHP. Makes decent contact.
  4. Shawn Roth (CSP) 75.67
  5. Jack Jurrjens (FLA) 75.56
  6. Philip Latham (TOR) 73.44
  7. Dante Crummack (PHI) 73.33
  8. Rickie Burgess (ROC) 73.00
  9. Craig Tracy (ATL) 72.67
  10. Gregg Hill (LAA) 71.67

Top 3B

  1. Clay Swisher (OTT) 81.29
    An elite player, Swisher hits for tremendous power, drives the ball well. He won't strike out much at all. He has 2 "weaknesses"...his eye isn't good and he doesn't have top notch range. He has a great glove and a great arm.
  2. Peter Carmona (FLA) 79.29
    Carmona doesn't strike out too much. Has good power. Good eye. Dominant against RHP. Solid against LHP. Solid rang, good glove, strong arm, lacks accuracy.
  3. Rich Eaton (NB) 78.14
    Eaton makes solid contact. He does have decent power. Solid eye. Dominates LHP. Solid against RHP. Good glove, range, strong arm, struggles with accuracy at times.
  4. Kory Sterns (NO) 76.57
  5. Arthur Davenport (OTT) 76.29
  6. Pasqual Blanco (HON) 75.43
  7. Jorge James (ARI) 75.14
  8. Andres Santos (ATL) 74.71
  9. Alan Anderson (LA) 74.29
  10. Carlos Jimenez (NY2) 74.00
  11. B.J. Grabow (CH2) 73.43

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 2B

  1. Dante Nakajima (CSP) 81.00
    Although he doesn't have the power of a typical elite player, he doesn't strike out much and he drives the ball well. He knows the strike zone and uses that to his advantage. While his arm accuracy is below average, his range makes up for that.
  2. Bey Perez (MNT) 77.75
    Perez has great power, and doesn't strike out much. He does a solid job of driving the ball, although he is better against LHP. Decent eye. He's fast and can run the bases. Really shines as one of the better defensive 2B in the world.
  3. Jesus Andrus (FLA) 77.13
    Good power. Dominant against LHP. Solid against RHP. Average eye. Great speed. Very good defensively. Doesn't strike out too much.
  4. Bruce Casanova (CHR) 76.13
  5. Louie Diaz (LA) 75.00
  6. Darrin Rossy (HON) 74.63
  7. Buddy Carroll (CH2) 74.50
  8. Jarrett Davis (OTT) 72.13
  9. Alan Lombard (JAX) 71.75
  10. Edgard Barrios (ARI) 71.50
  11. Al Guerrero (CLE) 71.25

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 1B/DH

  1. Terry West (OTT) 85.60
    Dominant against LHP, while doing well against RHP, West also hits for a good amount of power. He knows how to work the count to get on base, while not striking out too much.
  2. Wiki Franco (CH2) 83.80
    Tremendously powerful, Franco can make pitchers who try to pitch around pay with a great eye. He does drive the ball into the gaps pretty well. Doesn't strike out too much.
  3. Milton Kramer (CHR) 82.80
    Kramer is just solid across the board. He hits for power, average, drives the ball into the gaps and gets on base.
  4. Pete Malone (ATL) 82.80
  5. Ahmad Wagner (MNT) 81.80
  6. Pedro Johnson (CHY) 80.80
  7. Derrick Trammell (TOR) 80.60
  8. Carmine Knott (RIC) 79.20
  9. Jesse Collins (RIC) 79.20
  10. Victor Vargas (NY2) 78.40

Monday, November 11, 2013

S15 Top C

  1. Donaldo Rodrigo (NB) 79.25
    Some may look down upon this choice due to his lack of power, but Rodrigo makes contact and can drive the ball into the gaps well. He works the count really well. He also is the best game caller in the Majors. He's got a solid arm. He's got some durability issues.
  2. Dennis Bohannon (FLA) 77.50
    Won't strike out much at all. Hits for a ton of power and can work the count well. Struggles against RHP in comparison to his ability against LHP. He has a strong arm, while the accuracy is average. He's an average game-caller. Decent durability. Still young, so has the potential to grow.
  3. Walt Burke (CH2) 75.75
    Dominates RHP and is average against LHP. Has a great eye. Doesn't have elite power, but definitely solid power. Makes some good contact and avoids the strike out. Can really work the count so should definitely be on the basepaths a lot. Solid durability. Has a weak arm, but it's accurate Average game-caller. 
  4. Lenny Flores (SEA) 75.00
  5. A.J. Dupler (ARI) 74.88
  6. Enrique Canseco (CHR) 74.50
  7. Cole Robinson (NO) 74.13
  8. Frank Starr (FLA) 73.50
  9. Gookie Hennessey (RIC) 73.13
  10. Don Cintron (OTT) 72.50