Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top FA Catchers

  1. Ryan Laxton (signed w/Seattle; 3 years/$23.2M)
    Laxton is a very good offensive-minded catcher. He's got great power, dominates lefties, and can work the count. He struggles with RHP, but his power helps to offset that some. He's not going to hit .320+, but .280 is to be expected. He's mediocre defensively, and isn't all that durable, but still has the talent to really help a team out. He hit 40 HRs in just 451 ABs last season (1HR every 11.28 ABs) so he still has the power.
  2. Stretch Lloyd (signed w/Rochester; 3 years/$9.6M)
    Is power not your style, then look no further than here. Lloyd is a gold glover with a ring. He isn't going to strike out much, has a good eye. He sees the ball consistently against LHP and RHP. He doesn't have a lot of power (27 career HRs), and he lacks the durability to put up 500+ ABs. He's a good defender who knows how to call a game. He is a career .320 hitter.
  3. Alex Machado
    The best of the rest, Machado is a mediocre offensive player who really shines against LHP. He's purely average at everything else...given enough ABs he's got the power to hit 20 HRs, and generate a .275/.325/.425 line. Would be a very good platoon player when allowed to take advantage of his ability against LHP. He lacks the durability to be a full-time starter. He's above average defensively, but isn't outstanding in any aspect of the game.

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