Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top FA 1B/DH

  1. Torey Acosta
    Not the big banger you expect from a 1B, Acosta is still a solid hitter nonetheless. His lack of durability is always going to keep from being the hitter that he can be. He's a .272 career hitter who is going to knock some balls out of the park and hit for a good average. He is good at seeing the ball no matter who is on the mound. He's got a great eye as evidenced by his .389 career OBP. If he could hold up and get 500+ ABs, he'd be a force...for now he's a DH/1B player who is going to need lots of rest.
  2. Hunter Sizemore (Signed w/Charleston; 1 year/$3.0M)
    In a free agent class lacking that prototypical 1B, Sizemore is as close as they come. A .287/.367/.518 career slash line is hurt by the fact that even though he crushes LHP while being average against RHP. He's got a good eye, and isn't going to strike out much at all. He doesn't have the greatest durability, but can give you 450+ ABs. Might be better off as a platoon player and the top PH off the bench.
  3. Keith Sparks
    A career .429 OBP, tells you everything you need to know about this guy. He knows the strike zone and works it to his full advantage. He doesn't have a lot of power, but will regularly get to double-digit HRs. He's got average speed, and he sees the ball well enough to be able to consistently drive it on pitchers. Isn't the greatest at making contact, but definitely will make it more often than not.

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