Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top LF

  1. Livan Bocachica
    Not much of a defender, Livan possesses good power that combines with the ability to make consistent contact. He fares better against LHP than he does RHP, but that difference is from dominating to good. He's got a very good eye. Good speed too. He would probably be better off as a first baseman.
  2. Bud Sobolewski
    Bud is an aging superstar, but he does still possess some talent. He's got a great ability to make contact and drive the ball. He's got some power to go along with that ability. He's got a very good eye. He's as slow as you would expect from a LF, although he does play solid defense.
  3. Jamey Petkovsek
    Jamey has a good eye. He's pretty good against RHP while being above average against LHP. He makes solid contact and has good power. He's got great range, but struggles with the glove. He's got a stronger arm than one would expect from LF. Good durability and average speed.

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