Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  1. Willie Cela (signed w/Richmond; 2 years/$9.0M)
    A very quality reliever, Cela is durable and has decent stamina that will allow him to rack up the innings. He's not going to walk many guys, but he also won't strike out many either. He sometimes struggles with keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, but should induce a lot of grounders to help him out. He's got a great pitch to go along with 2 above average pitches and should perform very well.
  2. Geraldo Morales (signed w/Los Angeles; 1 year/$4.2M)
    His stamina isn't quite strong enough to be a starter, but he is good enough to be a major part of a championship bullpen. He has great control that'll prevent walks, but lacks the velocity to be a strikeout machine. His splits are above average, but he is definitely a groundball machine. He has a great pitch, 2 above average pitches, a below average pitch, and a horrible pitch, but that should work coming out of the 'pen. His health is a bit of a concern.
  3. Joseph Lee (signed w/Louisville; 1 year/$6.0M)
    While he only has 2 pitches, one is great and the other is good, and they should combine with his good velocity to produce a lot of strikeouts. He does a good enough job at keeping the batters guessing. He is adept at inducing groundballs for those rare times where he walks a man. His durability and stamina complement each other really well.

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