Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  1. Mitch Harris
    Not much to look at here, Harris is going to strike out a lot. He struggles against LHP while being downright lethal against RHP. He's got a great eye. He doesn't have the power to justify his inability to make contact, although he might just hit enough out to justify playing against RHP. He's below average defensively.
  2. Yusmeiro Olivares
    Olivares doesn't excel at anything, but is pretty solid across the board. He's got some power, he hits RHP better than LHP. He makes decent contact while also doing a decent job of working the count. He's got good speed, and will steal a few bases. He's terrible defensively.
  3. Moises Canseco (signed w/New York; 2 years/$12.0M)
    Canseco is solid enough defensively that it wouldn't be a stretch for him to find his way to the infield. He makes decent contact with above average power. He's not fooled by any pitcher. He's got a decent eye. He's very durable. He's very slow too. Canseco would rank #2 at 3B.
**Ed. Note - During the 4 seasons that Billy Beane has been around, this is the first time that I have thought of completely scrapping my calculations for a position. I feel that Canseco is the better player of these 3, but since RF is primarily an offensive position, I decided not to redo the rankings or scrap my calculations to rank them. I felt that would set a bad precedent and wanted to avoid that. That said, Canseco is more useful than the 2 players ranked above him.**

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