Monday, February 14, 2011

Top 1B

  1. William Randall
    The defending Silver Slugger, Randall has tremendous power and doesn't strike out much. He drives the ball really well. He can work the count and reach base more than most. He's got decent speed. He's a DH first, but can definitely get by at 1B. Lacks the durability to be a consistent MVP threat.
  2. Manny Raben
    A true slugger, Raben spends most of his time at DH. He makes good contact with great power. He dominates LHP. He's good against RHP. He's got a great eye. He lacks ideal durability. He's got the arm to play C, although he needs his hand held to call the game.
  3. Harry Darwin
    He can hit for power and average, while working the count and reaching base a lot. He's better against LHP than RHP, but is no slouch against either. He's decently durable. He plays solid D at 1B. He's slow.

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