Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  1. Dummy Merrick (signed w/Seattle; 4 years/$47.0M)
    The crown jewel of a very weak free agent class, Merrick is a very good player. He hits for power but will strike out some. He crushes RHP while not doing so hot against LHP. He knows the strike zone and will reach base quite a bit via walk. His defense is good, with his above average range canceling out his slightly below average glove. He's durable, and he's fast.
  2. Quentin Metcalfe (signed w/Cleveland; 3 years/$15.6M)
    Although he is a tremendous dropoff from Merrick, he isn't a bad player by any stretch of the imagination. He's going to strike out quite a bit while not hitting for much power. He will hit RHP and struggle with LHP. He doesn't have the greatest eye in the world. He can run like a deer and should steal a lot of bases. He's got good range and a slightly below average glove. He's durable.
  3. Albert Martinez (signed w/Charleston; 1 year/$3.8M)
    Martinez is not going to strike out a lot, which, when given enough at-bats and combined with his speed, will result in a lot of infield hits. He hits LHP decently, but will really struggle with RHP. He's also going to struggle with his command and understanding of the strike zone. His best attribute is his defense, which is above average and if given the chance will allow him to compete for a gold glove.

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