Monday, January 31, 2011

Rules Update - From Commissioner hopkinsheel

World Rules Announcement

1. We are going to keep the prospect payroll for now. There was enough pushback from owners who really like the cap that it didn’t make sense to change right now. We’re going to continue monitoring the situation and see what happens in the future.

2. I’m changing the language of the FA rule from this: “If a team signs a "Type A" or "Type B" player than that player can NOT be traded until after the amateur draft.” to this, “If a team signs a free agent from another team during free agency, that player can NOT be traded until after the amateur draft.” I’ve noticed in another world that some players that are short on prospects have tried getting around this rule by signing decent players that are not Type A’s, B’s and immediately shopping them around. This never happens in real life so we’re going to make that small change.

Award Winners

Douglas Hobbes (17) - 1st MVP


Philip Chase (23) - 1st MVP

AL Cy Young
Willie Oliva (24) - 2nd Cy Young

NL Cy Young

Sid Richard (10) - 1st Cy Young

AL Rookie of the Year

Vinny Kendrick (17)

NL Rookie of the Year

Alex Estalella (24)

AL Fireman of the Year

Jim Phillips - 2nd Fireman of the Year

NL Fireman of the Year
Randy Murray - 1st Fireman of the Year

World Series Recap

Game 1
New Orleans 7
Philadelphia 5
New Orleans fought off a late rally by the Freedom with 2-runs in the 10th to take home this game. Player of the Game 2B Matt McKnight (3-5, 2B, HR, 2R, 2RBI) knocked in the winning runs on a homer to left in the 10th. Mark Bang blew the save in the 9th, and retired the first 2 batters in the 10th before giving up a single and being relieved by Doyle Gipson who picked up the save.

Game 2
New Orleans 5
Philadelphia 0
Philadelphia was held to 4 hits byJesus Diaz as he went 8.0 innings to get the win. 3B Clark Davis went deep and knocked in 2 and 2B Matt McKnight knocked in 2 runs, while CF Aurelio Lorenzo knocked in 1. Philadelphia didn't threaten until the 8th when they put men at the corners with 2 outs and left them stranded.

Game 3
Philadelphia 8
New Orleans 3
With neither team able to hold serve so far at home, Philadelphia comes out on top here. 3B Otto Sorrento (2-4, HR, 2R, 3RBI) was the player of the game. 1B William Randall homered and knocked in 2, while C Rafael Guerrero knocked in 2 as well. New Orleans' 2B Matt Mcknight knocked in all 3 runs for the Zydeco.

Game 4
Philadelphia 3
New Orleans 4
The home team finally came through with a win in this nail-biter. Philadelphia's Kenshin Ogawa (7.0IP, 10H, 2ER, BB, 4K) pitched masterfully while his counterpart Wayne Roosevelt (5.0IP, 5H, 2ER, 3BB, 3K) pitched admirably. New Orleans' bullpen was the difference (4IP, 4H, 1ER, 5K) as they held the Freedom in check after a short outing by Roosevelt. Zydeco 2B Matt McKnight knocked in 2 again, while 1B Albert Lucano (3-5, RBI) was the player of the game, knocking in the game-winning run. 3B Otto Sorrento (2-5, HR, 2R, RBI), C Rafael Guerrero (1-3, RBI, BB), and 1B William Randall (2-4, RBI) provided the offense for the Freedom who saw Luis Bennett and D.J. Quinn combine to give this game away.

Game 5
Philadelphia 7
New Orleans 1
With a chance to put the WS Ring on their hand and celebrate at home, the Zydeco buckled under pressure. LF Paulie Williams homered in the 4th for the only New Orleans' run as Philadelphia's Howard Lyon (7.0IP, 2H, ER, 3BB, 4K) pitched exceptionally. LF Livan Bocachica (4-5, 2B, 2HR, 3R, 3RBI) was dominant while Randall, Guerrero, Taylor and Mendoza all contributed as well.

Game 6

New Orleans 6
Philadelphia 7
A slugfest that still saw 13 runs, 31 hits, 9 walks, and 10 innings, this was a classic. The starters pitched well, with New Orleans' Boots Coleman (4.0IP, 3H, 0ER, BB, 2K) and Philadelphia's Danys Miranda (6.0IP, 8H, 3ER, BB, 5K) doing their parts...the bullpens let them down though. Freedom 1B William Randall (2-5, R, RBI, BB) knocked in the winning run in the 10th, while CF Francisco Wilfredo (3-6, 2B, 2RBI) and LF Livan Bocachica (2-5, HR, 2R, 2RBI) knocked in 2 each, and 2B Louis Taylor and C Rafael Guerrero knocked in one each. 2B Matt McKnight (4-5, 3 2B, R, RBI) excelled in the loss, while RF Jorge Marichal and 1B Albert Lucano both homered and knocked in 2.

Game 7

New Orleans 2
Philadelphia 5
The Freedom had won 2 straight coming into this game, and were determined to take home the ring. The Zydeco had other ideas as 3B Clark Davis (2-4, 2HR, 2R, 2RBI) homered in the 2nd. Unfortunately, New Orleans' Ray Sisk (5.0IP, 5H, 5R, 4ER, 5BB, 4K) had other ideas and couldn't hold the lead. 3B Otto Sorrento tripled and knocked in 2, while 1B Victor Vargas homered and knocked in 2. Philadelphia's Kenshin Ogawa (7.0IP, 6H, ER, 4BB, 4K) was masterful in victory. CONGRATULATIONS PHILADELPHIA!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

World Series Preview

AL#1 Philadelphia Freedom (103-59)

NL#3 New Orleans Zydeco (91-71)

This match-up of the NL South Champion Zydeco and AL East Champion Freedom is sure to excite many. While not the Philadelphia-Columbus that the chalk would've generated, there is still plenty to like about this matchup.

The Freedom are a force to be reckoned with having hit 283 HRs this season. 11 players hit 10+ home runs, while 4 starters boasted better than a .318 batting average. 9 players scored 50+ runs while 6 knocked in 60+. In a statistical anomaly, they didn't steal a base all season, getting caught on both attempts.

The Freedom had 5 pitchers account for every start this past season and not a single one threw in fewer than 160 innings. There was not a single pitcher on this staff that finished with an ERA higher than 4.57, while no pitcher even walked 100. All 5 starters recorded 124+ strikeouts. Gave up 97 fewer home runs than they hit this season. The highest WHIP for the team was 1.56.

No player had more than 20 errors, and that was the SS, who recorded 20 plus plays. Overall the team made 86 total errors, while turning 473 double plays, and making 71 good plays. Their catchers threw out 25% of would-be base-stealers on the season.

The Zydeco had 4 players steal 10+ bases this season, while having 8 hitters knock 10+ HRs out of the park. 5 players accounted for 20+ doubles, while 7 players scored 50+ runs and knocked in 50+. They stole 94 bases while getting caught 32 times.

A 3.83 team ERA sets this up to be a potential pitcher's duel. 5 pitchers made all of New Orleans' starts this season, and no one pitched less than 157.1 innings. There were a couple pitchers with 5.00+ ERAs, but no one else had over a 4.50. WHIPs ranged from 0.80 to 1.57. No starter struck out fewer than 115 batters, while nobody walked more than 70 batters throughout the season.

Solid defensively, no player made more than 10 errors this season. This team was solid, but not spectacular, recording only 42 good plays. They did turn 427 double plays. They were horrendous at throwing out baserunners, catching only 15% of would-be base-stealers.

If Philadelphia stole bases, I think they would be able to win easily by using New Orleans' weakness against them. That being said, Philly does not steal bases, they rely on their awesome power to carry the day, while New Orleans ekes out wins using pitching. Common sense says that Philadelphia is better pitching, hitting, and fielding team than New Orleans, so they should win. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that New Orleans will win. Their scrappy ways have paid off all season and got them into the World Series. It'll serve them well here where they will have to scratch and claw for every run they can.

World Series Preview - New Orleans

New Orleans Zydeco (91-71)

Playoff Route
WC - Def. #6 Los Angeles, 3-1
DCS - Def. #2 Anaheim, 3-1
NLCS - Def. #5 Ottawa, 4-2

Clark Davis - 37
Clark Davis - 101
Matt McKnight - .313
Matt McKnight - 104

Ray Sisk - 21-6
Mark Bang - 45/51
Wayne Roosevelt - 173
Ray Sisk - 3.09
ERA (RP): Clinton Hebert - 1.31

AVG: T-2nd - .268
OBP: 2nd - .339
SLG: 3rd - .410
Runs: 4th - 758
HR: 8th - 171


ERA: 8th- 3.83
WHIP: 8th - 1.34
CG: T-8th - 3
K's: 1st - 1,178
OBP: 10th - .323

Fldg%: T-6th - .985
DP: T-2nd - 427
+ plays: 11th - 42
CS%: 16th - .153

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

World Series Preview - Philadelphia

#1 Philadelphia Freedom (103-59)

Playoff Route
DCS - Def. #5 Chicago Black Sox, 3-1
ALCS - Def. #3 Texas Wildcats, 4-0

HR: William Randall - 54
RBI: William Randall - 129
Avg.: Rafael Guerrero - .340
Runs: William Randall - 107


Wins: Kenshin Ogawa - 19-5
Saves: Chris Moeller - 20/23
K's: Danys Miranda - 205
ERA (SP): Kenshin Ogawa - 2.23
ERA (RP): Luis Bennett - 3.45


AVG: 2nd - .276
OBP: 6th - .341
SLG: 1st - .472
Runs: 4th - 827
HR: 1st - 283


ERA: 2nd - 3.56
WHIP: 2nd - 1.28
CG: T-3rd - 6
K's: 2nd - 1,156
OBP: 3rd - .315

Fldg%: T-3rd - .986
DP: 3rd - 473
+ plays: 4th - 71
CS%: 4th - .247

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pitching Analysis

ERA (down 5.38%)
S1: 4.43
S2: 4.24
S3: 4.19

WHIP (down 2.39%)
S1: 1.41
S2: 1.39
S3: 1.38

Strikeouts (down 2.68%)
S1: 36,088
S2: 35,836
S3: 35,120

BB (down 5.79%)
S1: 17,429
S2: 16,844
S3: 16,419

Save/SVO/Save %
S1: 1,458/1,994/73.12%
S2: 1,452/1,960/74.08%
S3: 1,46/1,954/74.72%

CG (up 13.04%)
S1: 115
S2: 117
S3: 130

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Record Setters

Rochester 3B/1B/COF Douglas Hobbes set the record for Home Runs (60) and RBI (174). Hobbes is a finalist for the AL MVP while starting 20+ games at 1B, 3B, LF, and 89 in RF. His contributions helped Rochester to the 4th best record in the AL and a #6 seed in the playoffs.

Toronto's Alfredo Arias stole a league-record 93 bases while only getting caught 11 times while playing RF for the Beavers.

Only one pitching record fell and that was broken by 3 players. The ultimate record-holder is Anaheim CL Randy Murray who saved 53 of 57 games for the division winning, #2 seed Knights. He also won the Fireman of the Year award in the NL.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Playoff Odds by tk21775

With the Las Vegas Bookies baseball season over, we go back to what we apparently do better: Gambling. The Bookies released their playoff lines this morning and also issued this statement: "Just because we couldn't swing our bats at the plate, doesn't mean we've forgotten how to collect." Good luck to all in the playoffs

American League:
Seattle Pilots +200
Chicago Black Sox -250

Texas Wildcats +125
Rochester Redbirds -150

National League:
New York Highlanders +250
Ottawa Outlaws -300

New Orleans Zydeco -125
Los Angeles Tiger Sharks +115

To Win World Series:
New York Highlanders +5000
Seattle Pilots +3500
Texas Wildcats +3000
Los Angeles Tiger Sharks +2900
New Orleans Zydeco +2700
Rochester Redbirds +2700
Chicago Black Sox +2500
Anaheim Knights +2000
Ottawa Outlaws +1750
New Britain Rock Cats +1000
Philadelphia Freedom +750
Columbus Aeros +500

Division to win World Series:
AL -110
NL -110


The playoffs are upon us. We're just going to do a real quick glance at the teams and where they rank in Runs Scored, ERA, and Fldg %.

1. Philadelphia Freedom (103-59) (827, 3.60, .986)

4. Seattle Pilots (81-81) (783, 4.28, .983)
5. Chicago Black Sox (93-69) (893, 4.45, .983)

2. New Britain Rock Cats (100-62) (853, 3.56, .981)

3. Texas Wildcats (88-74) (773, 4.12, .986)
6. Rochester Redbirds (91-71) (862, 3.94, .988)

1. Columbus Aeros (108-54) (790, 3.22, .988)

4. New York Highlanders (78-84) (672, 4.03, .985)
5. Ottawa Outlaws (99-63) (767, 3.75, .985)

2. Anaheim Knights (97-65) (715, 3.60, .987)

3. New Orleans Zydeco (91-71) (758, 3.83, .985)
6. Los Angeles Tiger Sharks (89-73) (663, 3.34, .982)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pitching Records That Might Fall

This season, there are 3 records that are likely to fall. We will take a look at those records.

ERA - Kenshin Ogawa - S2 - 2.04

Roberto Beltre (LAA) - 1.87
Although he hasn't had a full season, he still qualifies to hold the record at the end of this season. With roughly 6 starts remaining, he can still give up 11 earned runs in 38 innings and still break the record. There is a very good chance that this record falls for the 2nd straight season.

WHIP - Kenshin Ogawa - S2 - 0.92

Roberto Beltre (LAA) - 0.90
With about 38 innings left for Beltre this season, there is a very good chance that this record falls again. He can allow 37 baserunners in his 38 innings and still break the record.

Sid Richard (LA) - 0.95
Richard is in a tough order for him to be the record-holder, he not only has to allow fewer than 33 baserunners in approximately 43 innings, but he has to hope that Beltre really slides backwards during his remaining innings. He likely will not be the record holder at the end of the season.

SAVES - Jim Phillips - S1 - 49

Randy Murray (LAA) - 45
Even though his team pretty much has the division in hand and are in the driver's seat for the 1st round bye, there's still a chance of securing the #1 seed in the NL, so he should still see plenty of chances. He has saved 54% of his team's victories. You are likely looking at our new record-holder here.
Projection - 55

Phillips (NB) - 44
Considering he's on a contender, he's very likely to break this record. He's saved 52% of his teams wins this season. If they continue at their current pace, he's going to break his own record with room to spare.
Projection - 53

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hitting Records That Might Fall

Yorman Chavez - S1 - 59


Douglas Hobbes (ROC) - 49
With his team being 6.0 games in the lead for the second wildcard, but only 5.0 games out from the division title, Hobbes does not look to get much, if any, rest for the remainder of the season. Hitting a home run every 10.9 ABs and having anywhere from 120-140 ABs left gives Hobbes a very good chance at breaking this record.
Projection: 60

Edgar Lucano (CHR) - 48
Lucano's team resides in the worst division in Billy Beane, yet it is a dogfight for the division title with all 4 teams within 7.0 games of first. There will be no rest for this guy and it bodes well for him. With a home run every 11.3 ABs and about 120 ABs remaining, he's likely to tie the old record.
Projection: 59

Morgan Johnson - S1 - 168

Hobbes (ROC)- 135
Hobbes is averaging an RBI every 3.95 ABs and with about 120 ABs remaining, it is not likely that he breaks the record, but should take over the #2 spot in the record books.
Projection: 166

Eddie Lloyd (CH2) - 129
With an RBI every 4.18 ABs and about 120 or so ABs available in the season, Lloyd has an outside chance at this record. What works in his favor is that his team is locked in a very close divisional race and he should see playing time until the end.
Projection: 158

Andres Hernandez - S1 - 81

Alfredo Arias (TOR) - 71/80
Toiling on the last-place team in the best division in the world, Arias and his Beavers still have a shot at the wild-card slot, so he likely won't see much rest, if at all. He is very likely to be the record holder at the end of the season.
Projection: 87

Victor Corpas (TOR) - 66/71
See above regarding his team. He hasn't run as much, and is less likely to break this record.
Projection: 80

Quentin Metcalfe (CSP) - 63/67
8 games out with 30 to go is a long road to hoe, and it's unlikely his team will make up that difference, yet with no young CFer's to get a look at, he's likely going to play out the season at his 94% success rate of stealing bases. He's got an outside shot at getting this record.
Projection: 77

Hitting Streak Record Broken!

Texas Wildcats DH/1B Bingo Jepsen strung together hits in 27 straight games this season, setting a record for Billy Beane that has been broken every season. The streak started on 12/12 AM with a 3-hit day against Cleveland and ended against Cheyenne when he went 0-2 with 2 BB on 12/21 PM2. This 27-game hitting streak was part of a larger streak that saw him reach base safely in 46 consecutive games that was broken when he made an appearance in the 12/29 PM2 game but did not make a plate appearance...if you take into account games where he made a plate appearance, he reached base safely in 49 straight games.

During his record-setting 27-game hitting streak, Bingo hit .416 with a .496 OBP. He collected 9 2Bs, and 5 HRs, knocked in 29 while scoring 14 runs. He only struck out 9 times during this streak.