Monday, February 7, 2011

Top FA 2B

  1. Louis Taylor
    Taylor is a very good defender, averaging 14 good plays the past 2 seasons, and should have been right up near the top in terms of gold glove finalists. He's no slouch with the bat either, having hit 94 home runs in his career. He's got good power to go along with the ability to avoid a lot of strikeouts. He's dominant against LHP while holding his own against RHP. His weakness is his relatively weak eye, which prevents him from really being great. He was an all-star in season 1 and won a WS Ring last season.
  2. Pablo Encarnacion
    He's got a good glove, below average range, and a weak arm. He's a very durable player. He's going to avoid the strikeout while hitting for a little bit of power. He's better against LHP than he is RHP, but not by much. He's got average speed, to go along with an average eye. Nothing too great here, but he could hold down 2B for a season or 2.
  3. Scott Phillips
    Averaging nearly 20 HRs a season, Phillips has a decent bat. Has above average power, a good eye. He does an above average job of making contact. He sees the ball equally well against RHP and LHP. He's got a little bit of speed. He's not really a 2B though, as his defense is atrocious. He's got horrible range, and a very weak arm. He'd be better off as a LF.

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