Monday, February 14, 2011

Top C

  1. Malachi Wakefield
    From a pure talent standpoint, Wakefield has it all. He can hit for power and average, reach base, and really sees the ball well when he's at bat. He can throw runners out as he has a good arm. He knows the ins and outs of calling a game. His biggest weakness is his extreme lack of durability.
  2. Rafael Guerrero
    Guerrero really hangs his hat on his defense. He's got a great arm, and really knows both his pitchers and the batters in the league. He has some good power and is above average at making contact. He is dominant against LHP while also doing well against RHP. He's got an above average eye.
  3. Mel Mays
    Just a horrible defensive C, he's got a weak arm and is only above average at calling a game. He's durable. He makes above average contact to go with great power. It doesn't matter who's on the mound, he can really drive the ball well. He's got a good eye as well.

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