Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  1. Eduardo Bonilla (signed w/Louisville; 4 years/$21.2M)
    Despite his inability to go deep into games, Bonilla is #1 based on his effectiveness while in the game, as he can retire RHB and LHB with equal ability. Most seasons, he would not crack the top 10 FA, but this is a unique class. He is alright with inducing groundballs and is medicore with his velocity. He's got a great pitch, 2 good pitches, an average pitch, and one below average pitch. His health is a concern.
  2. Dave Bellhorn
    He can go deep into games and won't walk many. He's got great velocity that'll get him about 150-170 Ks a season. He's not a GB pitcher by any stretch of the imagination. He has 2 good pitches, 1 above average pitch, 1 average pitch, and 1 below average pitch. The main concerns with him is he doesn't always do a good job at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.
  3. Kevin Kohlmeier (signed w/Charleston; 3 years/$16.8M)
    The main concern here is his control, as he is merely average. He is above average at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, while he doesn't induce many groundballs. His velocity isn't top notch, but his pitches sure are as he boasts 2 great pitches, an above average pitch, and an average pitch. He's got decent stamina, but he isn't going to get deep into games on a consistent basis.

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