Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 3B

  1. Philip Chase
    Chase is consistently going to be at the top of the league in batting average and has good power as well. He's good against LHP and RHP. His eye is below average. He's very durable. He's got good range, a great glove, and a great arm. He's got decent speed.
  2. Glen Theriot
    Theriot has average range to go along with a good glove. His arm is adequate, but the accuracy is what sets him apart. He's good at putting the ball in play and has above average power. He's above average when it comes to driving the ball. He's got an above average eye. Decent speed.
  3. Steven Griffin
    A good glove combines with a ridiculous arm to make up for his average range. He's not great at putting the ball in play but makes up for that a little bit with decent power. He's good against LHP and above average against RHP. He's got an average eye. Good speed. Good durability.

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