Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 2B

  1. Brian Ma
    Blessed with an excellent bat and a lot of power, Ma is a true star at his position. He's dominant against RHP while doing well enough against LHP to avoid a platoon situation. He's got a good eye. He's durable and has good speed. He's got decent range that is paired with a decent glove. His arm is below average.
  2. Glen Monroe
    Monroe has a great eye to go along with the ability to just dominate LHP. He's got good power, and is good at making contact. He's not bad against RHP. He's got decent speed and is durable. He's got good range and a good glove, but is lacking in the arm category.
  3. Heath Harris
    He'll hit for a high average while putting a few balls into the seats. He's dominant against RHP and above average against LHP. He has a good eye. His arm is weak, but somewhat accurate. He's got decent range. Decent glove. Great speed. Good durability.

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