Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting to know...TheJester74

Who is TheJester74?
Todd - Network Engineer that is married with two kids near Cincinnati.

How did you get into HBD?
Started with simleagues, but got tired of playing against teams with pitchers nobody had heard of from 1894 that had pitched 308 IPs with a 2.14 ERA. Got into some college dynasty games, and again thought WifS built games that were essentially "try to figure out what the developers think is the ideal way to build a team, closest ones wins." HBD is the game I think is the game they have done the best with about having options to build a successful team in many different ways, and the trading aspect gives owners a legit reason to interact with each other.

Interests and Hobbies?
Travel, sports and Family life. I also like really good food, wine, Bourbon and Scotch and find it's best to leave the creation of all of these to real experts.

Favorite team(s)?
Reds and Bengals.

Suggestion/tip for HBD?
My "Neo in the matrix" moment came when I realized that once you ignore the potential part of player ratings and just concentrate on current rating development the game becomes clear. Watching how fast a player progresses in his first full season, you can tell where a player is going to end up.

Important individual rating for performance?
For both batters and pitchers I always start with vR. But other than that I usually use opposite ways to evaluate position players and pitchers. For batters I look for what, even it's a single area, that they excel in. For pitchers I look for weaknesses.

Best move you’ve ever made in HBD?
I was able to grab a reclamation project of team that had been stripped of talent at all levels and turn them into a championship team in 3 seasons. The championship was a bit of luck, but I learned you can at least make a team competitive in 3 seasons.

Worst move you’ve ever made in HBD?
A couple of times I've let a FA go and for some reason expected that the Type A compensation would in some way makeup for the talent loss and have virtually always been disappointed. Yet somehow when I give up a draft pick to get a player the other guy always drafts some future all-star.

Favorite HBD player?
Vitas Sobkowiak, as one of the rare HBD 300 game winners. Rusty Jones was my favorite position player, career .356 hitter that was my only player to hit over .400 in a season.

Billy Beane prospect that you are most excited to call up?
The prospect that lands me a solid ML'er is my favorite.

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