Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top RP

  1. Alfredo Miranda
    While Miranda doesn't have the ideal stamina/durability combination, he has averaged 104IP/season. He dominates RHB and is solid against LHB. He throws fire. He has great control. He has a great pitch, a good pitch, and 2 below average pitches.
  2. Spud Clarke
    Again, he lacks ideal stamina/durability, but he still manages to pitch a lot. He's slightly better when facing RHB than he is when he faces LHB. He throws hard and keeps the ball on the ground. He has good control. He has a great pitch and 4 average to above average pitches.
  3. Ignacio Maranon
    This rookie could be the next great thing out of the bullpen. He has great control. He's good against LHB and RHB. He throws hard. He does an alright job of keeping the ball on the ground. He really shines when you get to his pitches. He has a great pitch, a very good pitch and an above average pitch. If he comes close to his projections, he's going to be dominant for a long, long time.

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