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Who is gerald007?
I am a slightly obsessive/compulsive 37 year old nerdy lawyer and diehard University of Kentucky fan in a small rural town in southern Kentucky.
How did you get into HBD?
I always liked the idea of the thing. I used to attempt to prove the dominance of UK basketball teams to various friends through WIS simulations well before the site started running dynasties. I then saw HD and GD, played both for a while, before jumping in very early to HBD.
Interests and hobbies?
As I have gotten older, I have become probably the biggest tv junkie of anyone you know. And it doesn't even have to be good tv. Reality crap, sports, game shows, whatever. Except baseball...I suppose I am the only devout HBD fan who doesn't really care for 'real life' MLB. The salary disparities drove me out about a decade ago. When I was younger, I played a lot of basketball, too. Too busy with lawyering and tv watching for much ball playing anymore.
Favorite Team(s)?
All UK sports teams. Fantasy sports have pretty much ruined my professional team fandom, as I end up cheering for whomever is starting for me that week.
Suggestion/tip for HBD?
I'd like a little quicker response and more decisive action by WIS on abandoned/clearly tanking teams. 2 full weeks is a very long time when you play 3 games a day. And although it might cost WIS a few nickels, removing the tankers who barely hit the guidelines would make my day.
Important individual rating for performance?
I've started paying much more attention to range/glove for everyone. I still will stick a DH at 1b if his bat will make up for it, but over the seasons, I have become much more defensively focused.
Best move you've ever made in HBD?
In Beane's first offseason, I tried like heck to get some of the power bats and stud free agent pitchers, but couldn't seem to get any of them to sign with me. I saved my cash and just signed a couple really good glove/range guys who were bargains, and have helped me a ton over the first two years. Of course, having Alex Vizcaino, Hal Thompson, and Jim Phillips handed to me at world creation did't hurt things either!
Worst move you've ever made in HBD?
I've made too many bad trades over the years to keep track of. the worst. As such, now I mostly build through the draft and through free agents. I'll pull off an occasional deal here and there, but almost no blockbusters, since I am a bit gunshy, I admit.
Favorite HBD player?
From NABCL, Donaldo Vidal has always been my guy. He put up great numbers back when my Memphis team was contending, and led the team to my first World Series appearance, although it was a loss for the good guys.
Billy Beane prospect that you are most excited to call up?
Because of the ML talent haul I received at league creation, my minors are bare in Beane. I suppose the franchise's first draft selection, Victor Castillo, a probable starting pitcher, assuming his stamina keep improving, would be at the top of the line for young'uns in the organization.

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