Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top CF

  1. Clarence Canseco
    A great defensive CF, Canseco has the range to cover the area and the glove to catch nearly everything he gets to. He's durable and speedy. He makes good contact, with good power. He's slightly better against RHP than LHP. He's got a good eye.
  2. Jaime Pierre
    He's got average range, but a great glove. He's durable and fast. He hits for power, while not striking out too much. He is better against LHP than RHP. He's got a great eye.
  3. Dummy Merrick
    The prized FA this season, Merrick has good range, but a slightly below average glove. He hits for power, but is mediocre at making contact. He dominates RHP while he's average against LHP. He's got a good eye to go along with his good speed. He's durable.

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