Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top SS

Top Shortstops
1.    Rickie Burgess (PHI)
Will hit for a good average, but not much power. Solid against LHP, better against RHP. Above average eye. Good speed. Great range. Great arm.
2.    Corey Byrd (ROC)
Dominant against LHP, he really struggles against RHP. Makes contact very well with good power. Can really work the count. Very good defender across the board.
3.    Eddie Lloyd (CH2)
What he lacks defensively (range/glove) he makes up for by being one of the overall best offensive SS in the game. He hits for a solid average with some power. Can drive the ball well. Has a solid eye.
4.    Clay Swisher (ARI)
5.    Carlos Jimenez (NB)
6.    Jorge Marichal (NO)
7.    Lou Coleman (TEX)
8.    Craig Tracy (PIT)
9.    Brett Jackson (ELP)
10. Tyrone Neal (ARI)

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