Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 1B/DH*

1.    Manny Raben (NB)*
Hits for a lot of power with a solid average. Dominates LHP while being average against RHP. Knows the strike zone well.
2.    Pete Malone (CIN)
Hits for average with some power. Absolutely crushes LHP, but is merely average against RHP. Has a great eye. Decent defensively.
3.    Milton Kramer (CHR)
Hits for power and average, drives the ball well. Walks a lot. Decent defensively.
4.    William Randall (PHI)*
5.    Harry Darwin (ELP)*
6.    Jeff Owens (NB)
7.    Bret Maas (CSP)*
8.    Geraldo Olivares (CHY)
9.    Doug Robinson (CH2)*
10. Hal Thompson (SEA)

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