Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Agency Recap

1.        RHP Abdul Helton
Signed w/SYR (1 yr/$4.8M)

A very good signing, one year minimizes the risk involved and comes cheaply.
Grade: A
2.        RHP Vic Francisco
Signed w/CLE (4 yr/$18.0M; mutual option; no-trade clause)
A solid signing as Francisco immediately strengthens any bullpen that he belongs to.
Grade: B
3.        1B Bobby Ray Mercedes
Signed w/ATL (5 yr/$32.2M)
Best hitter in free agency, this contract should expire before he begins to decline.
Grade: A
4.        RHP Kenshin Ogawa
Signed w/LOU (5 yr/$40.0M; player option)
The most controversial contract of the offseason, Ogawa is in decline already and Louisville locked him up for 5 more years.
Grade: D-
5.        1B Pedro Navarre
Signed w/SYR (1 yr/$3.3M)
 A solid hitter, Navarre will anchor an already strong Syracuse offense.
Grade: A
6.        DH Yamid Javier
Signed w/SYR (1 yr/$1.0M)
Solid hitter, although hurt now, this was an excellent depth signing.
Grade: A
7.        DH Torey Acosta
Signed w/LOU (1 yr/$2.2M)
Good signing to help boost an offense that struggled last season.
Grade: A
8.        RHP Raul Saez
Signed w/ROC (1 yr/$700k)
Has the ability to really strengthen a bullpen that blew 12 saves last season.
Grade: A
9.        RHP Jim Phillips
Signed w/SYR (2 yr/$12.6M)
After blowing 15 saves last season, Syracuse is really focusing on strengthening the bullpen and Phillips should be key.
Grade: B
10.     LF Louie Gil
Signed w/RIC (2 yr/$8.1M; mutual option)
Already a strong offense, Richmond improves by adding Gil.
Grade: A
11.     RHP Lawrence Schultz
12.     1B Einar Lopez
Signed w/ELP (2 yr/$4.5M)
A solid hitter, should help to improve El Paso’s offense.
Grade: A
13.     C Rolando Frias
Signed w/LOU (1 yr/$3.2M)
The best FA C really addresses a Louisville weakness as he can both call games and hit.
Grade: A
14.     RHP Vinny Iwamura
Signed w/NB (2 yr/$2.8M)
Solid signing, not much risk here.
Grade: A
15.     RHP Howard Lyon
Signed w/SEA (1 yr/$4.0M)
Very good signing as he should help solidify the Seattle bullpen.
Grade: A
16.     RHP Edgard Santana
Signed w/ARI (3 yr/$16.2M)
Another good signing, should provide plenty of quality innings and is still young.
Grade: B
17.     RHP Willie Cela
Signed w/MNT (2 yr/$3.2M)
An “old” pro, Cela’s signing does provide experience at a good price.
Grade: B
18.     3B Scott Charleston
Signed w/JAC (3 yr/$20.8M; mutual option)
Although rated as a SS, he can hit well enough to be a factor at 3B.
Grade: B
19.     RHP Ruben Morales
Signed w/CLE (2 yr/$5.2M)
A very good value signing.
Grade: B
20.     LHP Rex Wheat
Signed w/PHI (5 yr/$44.0M; team option)
Did Philadelphia overpay for a wild pitcher with some talent?
Grade: C

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