Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Catchers

1.    Walt Burke (HON)
Burke hits for power and average while dominating RHP. He knows the strike zone and works it very well. He’s got a great arm, but is a mediocre game caller.
2.    Malachi Wakefield (HON)
Wakefield hits for power and average. He does a good job driving the ball. Has a good eye. Has an accurate solid arm, and can call a game with the best of the best.
3.    Frank Starr (ELP)
Drives the ball very well and knows the strike zone well. Makes decent contact and has solid power. Not an ideal defender, but can hold his own calling a game.
4.    Enrique Canseco (CHR)
5.    Mel Mays (CHY)
6.    Jean Leonard (ROC)
7.    Morris Evans (CIN)
8.    Peter Chong (CHY)
9.    Rolando Frias (LOU)
10. Dan Mercedes (OTT)

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