Monday, November 21, 2011

Top RF

1.    Matty Bailey (LR)
One of the better defensive RF in the world, Bailey hits for a high average with some power. Drives the ball well. Has a good eye. Solid speed, but poor baserunner.
2.    Jim Carroll (TOR)
Makes good contact with good power. Better against LHP than RHP. Good eye. Solid range, below average glove. Solid arm.
3.    Brian Malloy (ARI)
Dominates RHP, while more than holding his own against LHP. Solid eye. Good contact, decent power. Poor glove. Good speed/baserunner.
4.    Pedro Seguignol (JAC)
5.    Willie Hernandez (PHI)
6.    Bruce Cambridge (CH2)
7.    Jose Owen (FLA)
8.    Javier Lucano (NO)
9.    Domingo Soto (ROC)
10. Andrew Miller (HON)

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