Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top CF

1.    Jaime Pierre (ROC)
Although he lacks ideal range, Pierre has an elite glove. He hits for a lot of power, with solid contact ability. Has a great eye. Good speed/baserunner. Drives the ball well.
2.    Clarence Canseco (LV)
Makes good contact with solid power. Does a good job driving the ball. Good speed/baserunner. Good eye. Good range, great glove.
3.    Enrique Vazquez (JAC)
Solid range and glove. Can run well and knows how to run the bases. Solid eye, decent contact, solid power. Drives the ball well against LHP while doing well against RHP.
4.    Hector Milligan (NO)
5.    Ed Kelly (JAX)
6.    B.C. Osterbrock (ELP)
7.    Emmanuel Pavlov (HON)
8.    Alan Abernathy (CIN)
9.    Shawn Shields (ARI)
10. Francisco Wilfredo (PHI)

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