Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 3B

1.    Marino Bautista (JAX)
One of the most solid players I’ve ever seen, Bautista is good at everything has. Could be a Silver Slugger and Gold Glover in the same season. He’s only 26 years old.
2.    Kory Sterns (RIC)
Has a great eye and is very good against LHP. He is above average at making contact and against RHP. Good power. Very solid defensively.
3.    Philip Chase (LOU)
The “old man” of the top 10, Chase offers the ability to hit for an elite average, with some power. He drives the ball well. Struggles with strike zone knowledge. Lacks ideal range, but makes the plays he gets to.
4.    Andres Santos (TEX)
5.    Eddie Black (CHR)
6.    Scott Charleston (JAC)
7.    Piper Cambridge (CIN)
8.    Derrick Polcovich (LV)
9.    Matt McKnight (NO)
10. Steven Griffin (CSP)

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