Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 2B

1.    Brian Ma (LV)
One of the better hitters in the world, Ma might be better served as a COF instead of a MIF. Lacks ideal arm strength. Makes up for that by consistently hitting for a high average with a lot of power. Can work the count. Has some speed and baserunning ability.
2.    Glen Monroe (JAX)
Does a good job of making contact with solid power. Dominates LHP while doing well against RHP. Has a very good eye. Has solid range defensively, but doesn’t have a good arm.
3.    Clarence Downs (NY2)
Dominates LHP. Drives the ball well against RHP. Above average at making contact with above average power. Very good eye. Average defensively.
4.    Pasqual Blanco (HON)
5.    Benito Cedeno (CH2)
6.    Heath Harris (CHR)
7.    Mark Rando (ELP)
8.    Fausto James (CIN)
9.    Davey Tucker (LOU)
10. Charlie James (NO)

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