Monday, November 7, 2011

Top FA By Position

Top FA C
1.       Rolando Frias (RIC)
Hits for contact with some power. Drives the ball with some authority. Has a good eye. Strong arm, decent accuracy. Decent game-caller.
2.       Larry Montague (MNT)
Average at making contact, with some power. Struggles with his consistency. Decent eye. Strong arm, average accuracy. Great at calling a game.
3.       Stan Seneca (LV)
Dominate LHP with some power. Decent at avoiding the strikeout. Average consistency against RHP. Good eye. Fast for a catcher. Solid arm. Average game-caller.

Top FA 1B/DH
1.       1B Bobby Ray Mercedes (LV)
Dominant against RHP, solid against LHP. Good eye. Doesn’t strike out much and will hit some home runs. Average defensively.
2.       1B Pedro Navarra (PHI)
Makes solid contact while hitting for some power. Good against LHP, solid against RHP. Good eye. Average defensively.
3.       DH Yamid Javier (SEA)
Makes good contact. Dominates LHP, ok against RHP. Average power. Solid eye. Defensive liability if he sees the field.

Top FA 2B
1.       Robb Fordham (MNT)
Consistently drives the ball well. Average power, average contact. Solid eye. Sub-par defensively. Good speed.
2.       Sal Latham (PHI)
Makes good contact. Average at driving the ball. Lacks power. Great eye. Solid baserunner with decent speed. Below average defensively.
3.       Chipper Easley (SYR)
Great contact. Next to no power. Average at driving the ball. Decent eye. Great range, but not much else going for him defensively.

Top FA 3B
1.       Tony Davis (CIN)
Drives the ball well on a consistent basis. Average power, average contact. Decent eye. Lacks ideal range, but is solid with the glove. Probably better off at 2B or COF.
2.       Brady Lester (CHR)
Makes solid contact. Average consistency at driving the ball. Solid eye. Lacks power. Solid defensively. Good baserunner with good speed.
3.       Hugh Thurman (ATL)
Solid power, solid contact. Average consistency. Decent eye. Solid baserunner with average speed. Good glove, good arm. Average range.

1.       Scott Charleston (LR)
Not a true SS, he’d be better off at 3B where he would make a solid defender. He’s good at making contact with solid power. Solid consistency at driving the ball. Good eye. Not much of a baserunner.
2.       Bernie Mendoza (CLB)
Strikes out a lot. Decent power. Struggles against LHP. Solid against RHP. Good eye. Good baserunner with decent speed. Lacks ideal range or arm strength, but makes up for that with good glove and accuracy.
3.       Louis Punto (NB)
Makes good contact with lots of power. Struggles to consistently square the bat to the ball. Below average eye. Solid baserunner with good speed. Good range with solid glove…very good arm.

1.       Louie Guiel (TOR)
Makes good contact with decent power. Hits the ball well against LHP & RHP. Good eye. Very poor speed. Not a good defender.
2.       Paulie Williams (LOU)
Makes good contact. Lacks ideal power. Solid at driving the ball. Great eye. Not an ideal defender. Great baserunner.
3.       Jerry Fischer (LA)
Good power and contact. Consistent at driving the ball. Good eye. Solid baserunner, decent speed. Not a good defender.

1.       Patrick Brown (LR)
A defensive specialist. Great speed. Great eye. Poor offensive player.
2.       Victor Randolph (LA)
Lacks ideal range, but decent glove. Decent speed. Makes solid contact with a little power. Better against RHP. Solid eye. Decent baserunner.
3.       Santo Valdivia (MNT)
Makes good contact. Does not drive the ball consistently. Decent eye. Very good baserunner with great speed. Good range, not a great glove.

1.       Glen Theriot (LV)
Solid at making contact. Decent power. Above average at driving the ball. Decent eye. Solid defensively.
2.       Alvin Petkovsek (CLB)
Average power and contact. Dominates LHP. Solid against RHP. Good eye. Good range/glove, poor arm.
3.       Phil Simms (CIN)
Better against LHP than RHP. Solid power to go along with average contact. Decent eye. Good range and arm strength.

1.       Kenshin Ogawa (PHI)
One of the best pitchers in the world, Ogawa dominates RHB while doing solid jobs against LHB. Lacks velocity, but does get a lot of groundballs. Solid control. Won’t go really deep into games anymore. Still has 4 good to very good pitches.
2.       Rex Wheat (LR)
Lacks good control. Does a great job keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Allows a lot of fly balls. Has 4 good to very good pitches. His stamina and control will not allow him to go deep into games.
3.       Manuel Lira (MNT)
Great control, although he struggles some with keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Great velocity, 1 great and 1 good pitch. Great job at keeping the ball on the ground. Not the best stamina.

1.       Abdul Helton (LOU)
Great control. Dominates RHB and is good against LHB. Good velocity. Good groundball pitcher. Great pitch, good pitch, average pitch. Lacks an ideal stamina/durability combination to be as effective as he once was.
2.       Vic Francisco (SEA)
Does a good job avoiding bats. Keeps the ball in the strike zone. Lacks the velocity one looks for from the back-end of the bullpen. Has 3 pitches that range from average to very good. Allows a lot of fly balls. Has a good stamina/durability combination.
3.       Raul Saez (PHI)
Lacks ideal stamina/durability combination. Does well against RHB, but struggles a little more against LHB. Lacks ideal velocity. Has 5 pitches ranging from above average to below average. Forces more GBs than normal.

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