Monday, November 21, 2011

Top RP

1.    Robb Stahoviak (LV)
Dominant against LHB, very good against RHB. Great velocity. Doesn’t allow a lot of flyballs. 3 pitches (A-:B:C). Solid durability/stamina combination.
2.    Ignacio Maranon (TEX)
Lacks ideal durability/stamina. Great control. Solid at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Great velocity. 3 pitches (A+:B+:C). Above average at forcing GBs.
3.    Alfredo Miranda (SEA)
Another reliever who lacks ideal stamina/durability, Miranda has the talent to dominate. Great control. Dominates RHB. Solid against LHB. Great velocity. 4 pitches (A+:B+:D-:D-). Average at GBs.
4.    Caleb Duran (JAX)
5.    Dario Keefe (CIN)
6.    Skip Hatteberg (JAX)
7.    Clem Cameron (CHY)
8.    Abdul Helton (SYR)
9.    Kendry Lee (PHI)
10. Felipe Valentin (TOR)

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