Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top LF

1.    Livan Bocachica (LAA)
Although a poor defender, Bocachica makes up for that offensively. He hits for average and power. Drives the ball really well and knows how to work the count.
2.    Dusty McDonald (ATL)
Although he’s above average at making contact, he has elite power. Better against LHP than RHP. Has a great eye. One of the better defensive LF in the world.
3.    Damaso Ontiveros (CIN)
Dominates RHP, while being only average against LHP. Good eye. Makes solid contact with good power. Average defensively.
4.    Louie Guiel (RIC)
5.    Alfredo Candelaria (RIC)
6.    Jeremy May (LV)
7.    Stephen Risley (CHR)
8.    Wilson Barnes (JAC)
9.    Kirt Kent (ARI)
10. Paulie Williams (CHR)

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