Friday, November 19, 2010

NL Predictions

NL East
Louisville 84-78
New York 79-83
Charleston 79-83
Cleveland 74-88

NL North
Toronto 95-67
Cincinnati 90-72
Ottawa 85-77
Columbus 82-80

NL South
New Orleans 84-78
Little Rock 79-83
Jacksonville 77-85
Atlanta 69-93

NL West
Las Vegas 96-66
Anaheim 79-83
Arizona 72-90
Los Angeles 71-91

Playoff Seeds
1. Las Vegas
2. Toronto
3. Louisville
4. New Orleans
5. Cincinnati
6. Ottawa

The NL North is absolutely loaded, as the defending NL Champs, Columbus, are rated as the worst team in the division. They would be competing for the division in the East or South, but the North is tough. Toronto has the second best pitching staff in the NL, and Cincinnati and Ottawa are not far behind. The team that could disappoint here is Louisville as they are very dependent on their pitching this season.

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