Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top LF

This position is skewed upwards by having a top 5 hitter in the group.

1. Livan Bocachica
Livan made is a very strong player, putting up some solid numbers (.333/.430/.610, 35 HR, 112 RBI) while winning the Silver Slugger in Season 2. Better suited for 1B, his OF defense is atrocious. He has good speed and a great eye. He makes good contact, has good power, dominates lefties, and is no slouch at hitting the ball hard against righties. Although he has good speed, he has no baserunning ability of which to speak.
2. Brian Malloy
A Silver Slugger RF in Season 2 (.268/.346/.490, 31 HR, 111 RBI), Malloy makes the switch to LF mostly due to his glove. He has solid range and a good arm for LF though. He is another one with good speed to go along with good abilities across the board. He makes good contact, has a good eye, good power, and is great at driving the ball against righties, while being merely good against lefties. Has produced a 30/30 season and a 30/25 season.
3. Bud Sobolewski
Bud had a solid season 2 (.283/.387/.451, 19 HR, 75 RBI) but could be so much more. He's a solid defender in LF. He is a bit of a health risk, although he has no DL stays in 2 seasons. No speed whatsoever. He makes great contact and does a good job driving the ball. He knows the strike zone very well. He has some power. He's a unique player in that he's performed well, but not as well as I'd expect, given his ratings. Spending his whole career in Florida isn't helping things either.

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