Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top SP

There are some very good pitchers in this world, but after the top 20 or so, the talent level really drops off.

1. Kenshin Ogawa
Two-time all-star and the season 2 AL Cy Young winner (34 GS, 15-7, 255.1 IP, 2.04 ERA, 183 K), Ogawa really cranked up his performance last season, leading Philadelphia to the ALCS. He's a workhorse, as he has ideal stamina/durability for an ace. He has top-notch control, dominates right-handed batters, has 2 great pitches, 2 good pitches and a fifth pitch that is slightly below average which allows him to mix it up while on the mound. Does a good job of keeping the ball down in the zone. Doesn't have high-end velocity, but that hasn't prevented him from striking out his fair share of batters.
2. Willie Oliva
Oliva had a down season in season 2 (34 GS, 14-6, 224.2 IP, 3.53 IP, 207 K) but it didn't stop him from making the all-star team. He's an equal opportunity dominator as he does a great job keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. He's not going to hurt himself with walks as he has very good control. He's a flyball pitcher which has led to him giving up a fair amount of home runs in his career. He has solid stamina and great durability to go along with with 3 good pitches, an average pitch, and a below average pitch. He has great velocity which helps to offset the fact that he doesn't have a dominating pitch. He is currently #2 on the career strikeout list.
3. Julian Tejeda
Young Mr. Tejeda mad his big league debut in season 1, where he struggled. He picked up the pace in season 2 (34GS, 15-10, 224.2 IP, 3.41 ERA, 169 K) and had a solid season. He's 23 years which means he has some room to improve. He has the ideal stamina/durability combo to get 35-40 starts, 220-260 innings each season. He is lacking in velocity, but does a great job keeping the ball down. He is good at keeping the ball out of the hitting zones and isn't going to walk many either. He has a great pitch, a good pitch and 3 above average pitches to go along with his other talents.

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