Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top 5 Free Agents - Position players

I have taken a look at all of the free agents in the world, and have ranked them. These are my top 5.
  1. 1B Jerry Fischer (.328/.409/.622, 48 HR, 163 RBI)
    Fischer is the top Free Agent available. He won the MVP in season 2 and is able to play either corner outfield spot or gold-glove 1st base defense. He's got solid speed as he stole 30 bases in 39 attempts.
  2. LF Paulie Williams (.289/.376/.401, 13 HR, 57 RBI)
    Williams confounds me. He lacks average speed, but to me, he should have about 15-20 more extra base hits than he does. He's going to make contact, not strikeout and work the count. He's not going to hit a lot of home runs, but should hit some doubles and be able to knock in some runs if the guys ahead of him reach base.
  3. SS Charlie James (.294/.363/.547, 28 HR 104 RBI)
    Season 2 silver slugger, James does not have the arm strength one looks for in a SS, but you can't argue with the range, glove, and offense. Anybody signing him gets a top-flight player who has a few years left before he declines. The nice thing about a SS like this is that he can switch to 2B, 3B, or COF when his range declines.
  4. 2B Geovany Manto (.247/.316/.462, 32 HR, 81 RBI
    Manto is more of a COF player than a 2B as he lacks the range, glove, and arm that one looks for in a MIF. He has good power, good contact, and can hit righties and lefties. Decent speed and a decent eye lead me to believe that last season was an anomaly and he should produce closer to his season 1 production than season 2. Not a bad pickup here. Already on decline, so much more than a 2-year deal would be asking for some trouble.
  5. 3B Tony Davis (.292/.363/.452, 19 HR, 60 RBI)
    He's a very good defensive 3B. He has poor speed. Not the greatest contact or power, but he can drive the ball very well. He had 30 doubles last season. He will definitely work the count and you can rely on him to have professional at-bats every time he's at the plate. He will strikeout some too.

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