Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Catchers

The talent at the catcher position is the second weakest in the world, but there is still some top-notch talent. Even better is the fact that 2 of the top 3 are 25 or younger.

1. Mel Mays
Mel makes his appearance in the Bigs having only 42 career at-bats. In 833 minor league at-bats, he hit .340/.433/.673 with 72 home runs and 223 RBI. He has the power and splits to really make a difference in the bigs this season. He won't make contact as often as some of the other guys, but he has huge power. His weakness, and it is a big weakness is his lack of arm strength. He's got decent accuracy and he's decent at calling a game, but he will really struggle with baserunners. Cheyenne has a rookie of the year candidate right here.

2. Morris Evans
Evans split time at the C position due to his weak game-calling ability. Other than that, he is about as close to an overall dominant catcher as we have in the league. He hit .378/.461/.674 in 347 ABs last season with 28 HR and 87 RBI. He's go a good eye, and can hit for power and average. He has really good durability for a catcher.

3. Andres Tabaka
Tabaka is a man of contrasts...he hits for a high average, but doesn't have elite power. He makes life miserable for lefties, but is rather average against righties. He's got a great eye. He hit .307/.431/.511 with 24 HR and 88 RBI. He's not good defensively, as he struggles with calling a game and does not have a great arm. He's still a very good catcher and should compete for another all-star appearance and another silver slugger.

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