Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top CF

This is a top-heavy group, with only 9 players in the world considered to be good players, but 4 of the highest rated players at any position.

T-1. Clarence Canseco
Canseco made the All-Star team and won the All-Star MVP in season 2 (.295/.659/.525, 29 HR, 102 RBI). He's got very good range, a great glove, and has excellent speed (28 SB). While he doesn't have any "elite" ratings, he doesn't have any rating that scares you away offensively. He's got good contact, power, drives the ball well, and has the ability to work the count and reach base a lot. He's a very good and very dangerous player to have to face.
T-1. Jaime Pierre
The season 2 AL silver slugger, Pierre (.301/.398/.616, 38 HR, 100 RBI) has no real weaknesses. His range is below average for a CF, but he has the glove to help make up for that. In addition, his offensive abilities make pitchers run for cover. While not the greatest at making contact, he makes up for that with elite power, the ability to drive the ball, and a great eye. On top of all of those talents, he also has top-not speed (22 SB).
3. Dummy Merrick
Dummy won the season 2 AL MVP to go along with the gold glove. He hit .311/.366/.631 with 41 HRs, and 122 RBI. While not as well-rounded as the top 2 players on this list, he has better top-end ratings than they do. He has great range to go along with a good glove. Season 2's batting average was an anomaly as he normally won't hit for a high average or much against lefties, but he has power to spare and combined with his ability to drive the ball exceptionally well against righties, he's a dangerous player. He'll work the count for walks and has speed to steal some bases but not the knowledge.

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