Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top RF

A solid group, there is definitely some talent at this position.

1. Hal Thompson
A very good player, Hal had a down season in season 2 (.288/.363/.572, 39 HR, 98 RBI). Only 25 years old, there is still room for improvement. As it stands now, he makes good contact, has great power, and a decent eye. He can really drive the ball well and has speed to stretch singles into doubles and even get the occasional triple. He's got good range and a good arm, and the only real weakness is his glove isn't even average for a RF.
2. Jamey Petkovsek
Another youngster with room to improve, Jamey did not have a good season in season 2 (.260/.344/.453, 30 HR, 74 RBI). He has solid contact, good power, a good eye, and sees the ball really well against righties, while not being a liability against lefties. Doesn't have the ideal speed, but just enough to get a few extra-base hits. Decent range, and a good arm do not make up for the fact that his glove is below average for a 1B, much less a RF.
3. Matty Bailey
There must have been something about RF and season 2 as Matty had a down season as well (.279/.394/.487, 22 HR, 82 RBI). He did win his 2nd straight NL RF Gold Glove, and that is no surprise given that his range and glove are more suitable for the hot corner than RF. To go along with this great defense, he has great speed, although coupled with mediocre baserunning ability, doesn't provide quite the help one would expect. Makes great contact and sees the ball well against righties while not struggling against lefties. Has a great eye. Good power.

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