Monday, November 15, 2010

Top SS

This is the second highest rated position group in the world. Although each of the top 3 have a wart defensively, I can't find many arguments against the talent.

1. Charlie James
The best overall SS in the world, James can play the position, although he struggles with making all the throws that are needed. He's got great speed, but he really shines offensively (.294/.363/.547, 28 HR, 104 RBI). He makes solid contact with good power. He has a good eye and can really drive the ball against lefties. He doesn't see the ball as well against righties, but he definitely doesn't get dominated by them.

2. Corey Byrd
Byrd had a good season 2, hitting .289/.377/.503 with 28 HRs and 89 RBIs and is still developing. He makes great contact with good power to go along with a great eye. He drives the ball really well against lefties, but really struggles against righties. His ability to make contact and play great defense are what keeps him on the field against righties for the Redbirds. He has been known to lose foot races against tree sloths.

3. Jorge Marichal*
Marichal is New Orleans' second SS on this list, but since he's listed at SS, we will discuss him here. 26 years old, he has solid range, although it is below average for a SS. He makes decent contact with average power, can drive the ball really well against righties and is no slouch against lefties either. He's got a tremendous eye, great durability, and above average speed. He is a potential 20/20 guy. Even though his offense doesn't make up for his below average defense, I'd imagine that he makes the move during the season to 2nd or 3rd where he can compete for both a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

* In the interest of full disclosure, Marichal would be ranked #3 in the 3rd base rankings and #4 in the 2nd base rankings.

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