Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 1B/DH

This position group is by far the highest rated group in Billy Beane world. A group of dangerous hitters, these guys will dominate the world for another couple of seasons.

T-1. Manny Raben
Despite playing in only 127 games last season, Raben was dominant. .303/.409/.606 with 45 HR and 123 RBI is an amazing number for so few games. He has tremendous power, a great eye, and dominates lefties. He projects to be a serviceable catcher, but remains the starting DH for New Britain. Should win the silver slugger for a third straight year.
T-1. William Randall
Randall was awesome in season 1, but season 2 was not kind with him as injuries really limited his season. 2 separate stints on the DL will do that to a guy. He only hit .265/.352/.512 with 26 HR and 67 RBI in 93 games. He has the ability to be dominant. Makes great contact, hits with great power. He drives the ball well, and has a good eye. He can play 1B adequately as well.
3. Harry Darwin
Another player who had a down season, Darwin only hit .265/.364/.437 with 24 HR and 77 RBI. He does not have elite power, but when combined with eye and contact ability, he should be putting up numbers that are much greater than what he has in his career. Playing in El Paso leads to a suppression of his HR numbers, but he should still be able to produce 35+ HR and a .300+ average over the course of a season. He's dangerous against lefties. I would expect him to bounce back in a big way this season.

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