Monday, December 6, 2010

$10.0 M + Internationals

$23.0 M - Harry Colon - Atlanta
This unfortunately named player is currently toiling in AA. He is developed enough to contribute at the major league level now, but Atlanta has decided to allow him to further develop in the hopes that he can be a major contributor next season. Harry definitely has the talent to be a middle to top of the rotation big-league pitcher...what holds him back from being a potential ace is his control and lack of dominance at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.

$20.0 M - Al Chantres - Anaheim
A big contract for a guy with a big bat, Chantres is plying his trade as a SS in LoA. He's got good range and a strong arm, but doesn't have the glove or accuracy to be a big-league SS. He also lacks the ability to consistently drive the ball, but he does have a good eye and makes contact with some power as well. He's going to make an impact, just not at the SS position.

$17.8 M - Carlos Rosales - Colorado
Rosales combines amazing range with a below average glove to make the CF of the AA Sky Sox a very, very interesting and exciting place. He's got good speed to go along with decent contact and solid power to make him well worth the investment. He's got the eye and the ability to drive the ball against righties that should allow him to lead-off and perform admirably down the road. Once he's fully developed, he's going to be a good player.

$15.3 M - David Romero - Rochester
Although Romero's splits are not top-notch, he makes up for that by having tremendous control, 3 exceptional and 1 good pitch. He should develop into a very good #2 or #3 starter. He keeps the ball down in the zone which should limit the damage that comes with not being able to keep the ball completely out of the hitting zone.

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