Monday, November 18, 2013

Top SS

  1. Cesar Cruz (NB) 78.44
    Cruz can hit for solid power. Has a good eye. Hits well against LHP. Does strike out a little more than you'd like. Solid but not spectacular defensively.
  2. Rigo Rosado (SYR) 76.89
    Dominates LHP, doesn't strike out much. Average eye. Lacks idea range or arm accuracy. Good glove, strong arm.
  3. Robert Miller (SEA) 76.22
    Has terrible range, but a solid glove and good arm. Dominant against LHP. Solid eye and solid power. Decent against RHP. Makes decent contact.
  4. Shawn Roth (CSP) 75.67
  5. Jack Jurrjens (FLA) 75.56
  6. Philip Latham (TOR) 73.44
  7. Dante Crummack (PHI) 73.33
  8. Rickie Burgess (ROC) 73.00
  9. Craig Tracy (ATL) 72.67
  10. Gregg Hill (LAA) 71.67

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