Monday, November 11, 2013

S15 Top C

  1. Donaldo Rodrigo (NB) 79.25
    Some may look down upon this choice due to his lack of power, but Rodrigo makes contact and can drive the ball into the gaps well. He works the count really well. He also is the best game caller in the Majors. He's got a solid arm. He's got some durability issues.
  2. Dennis Bohannon (FLA) 77.50
    Won't strike out much at all. Hits for a ton of power and can work the count well. Struggles against RHP in comparison to his ability against LHP. He has a strong arm, while the accuracy is average. He's an average game-caller. Decent durability. Still young, so has the potential to grow.
  3. Walt Burke (CH2) 75.75
    Dominates RHP and is average against LHP. Has a great eye. Doesn't have elite power, but definitely solid power. Makes some good contact and avoids the strike out. Can really work the count so should definitely be on the basepaths a lot. Solid durability. Has a weak arm, but it's accurate Average game-caller. 
  4. Lenny Flores (SEA) 75.00
  5. A.J. Dupler (ARI) 74.88
  6. Enrique Canseco (CHR) 74.50
  7. Cole Robinson (NO) 74.13
  8. Frank Starr (FLA) 73.50
  9. Gookie Hennessey (RIC) 73.13
  10. Don Cintron (OTT) 72.50

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