Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 1B/DH

  1. Terry West (OTT) 85.60
    Dominant against LHP, while doing well against RHP, West also hits for a good amount of power. He knows how to work the count to get on base, while not striking out too much.
  2. Wiki Franco (CH2) 83.80
    Tremendously powerful, Franco can make pitchers who try to pitch around pay with a great eye. He does drive the ball into the gaps pretty well. Doesn't strike out too much.
  3. Milton Kramer (CHR) 82.80
    Kramer is just solid across the board. He hits for power, average, drives the ball into the gaps and gets on base.
  4. Pete Malone (ATL) 82.80
  5. Ahmad Wagner (MNT) 81.80
  6. Pedro Johnson (CHY) 80.80
  7. Derrick Trammell (TOR) 80.60
  8. Carmine Knott (RIC) 79.20
  9. Jesse Collins (RIC) 79.20
  10. Victor Vargas (NY2) 78.40

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