Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 2B

  1. Dante Nakajima (CSP) 81.00
    Although he doesn't have the power of a typical elite player, he doesn't strike out much and he drives the ball well. He knows the strike zone and uses that to his advantage. While his arm accuracy is below average, his range makes up for that.
  2. Bey Perez (MNT) 77.75
    Perez has great power, and doesn't strike out much. He does a solid job of driving the ball, although he is better against LHP. Decent eye. He's fast and can run the bases. Really shines as one of the better defensive 2B in the world.
  3. Jesus Andrus (FLA) 77.13
    Good power. Dominant against LHP. Solid against RHP. Average eye. Great speed. Very good defensively. Doesn't strike out too much.
  4. Bruce Casanova (CHR) 76.13
  5. Louie Diaz (LA) 75.00
  6. Darrin Rossy (HON) 74.63
  7. Buddy Carroll (CH2) 74.50
  8. Jarrett Davis (OTT) 72.13
  9. Alan Lombard (JAX) 71.75
  10. Edgard Barrios (ARI) 71.50
  11. Al Guerrero (CLE) 71.25

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