Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top CF

  1. Steve Piper (FLA) 75.43
    Piper has solid range and a good glove. He makes strong contact with some power. He drives the ball and runs the bases well. He can get on base via the walk.
  2. Carl Ripken (SEA) 73.14
    Ripken doesn't possess the great range and glove of some CF, but he makes up for it with lightning in his bat. He will strike out some, but has lots of power. He can drive the ball. Average eye.
  3. Sven Sherman (PIT) 72.71
    Sherman has tremendous range, but lacks a great glove. He has good power, but will strikeout. He can drive the ball although he struggles against LHP.
  4. Orlando Hernandez (HON) 71.71
  5. Jorge Garces (LA) 71.57
  6. Daniel Urbie (CH2) 71.00
  7. Shawn Shields (ARI) 70.29
  8. Enrique Gonzales (CLB) 69.43
  9. Esteban Perez (PHI) 69.14
  10. Trenidad Cervelli (RIC) 68.86

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