Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top LF

  1. Alex Blanco (OTT) 80.71
    Blanco drives the ball extremely well. Has good range and glove. Good eye. Solid at making contact. Good power.
  2. Hayes Brown (LA) 76.00
    Tremendous defensive LF, Brown drives the ball equally well against LHP and RHP. Solid eye. Doesn't strike out too much. Solid power.
  3. Hideki Koh (FLA) 75.43
    Good power. Drives the ball extremely well. Doesn't have a great eye. Solid range. Solid eye.
  4. Shawn Brooks (CLE) 72.43
  5. David Chavez (NB) 72.00
  6. Phillip Shields (TEX) 71.43
  7. Bob Jones (JAX) 71.00
  8. Geraldo Olivares (CHY) 70.57
  9. Dusty McDonald (ATL) 70.14
  10. Vic Chavez (OTT) 70.00

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