Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top RF

  1. Ken Melancon (CHR) 76.86
    Doesn't strike out much. Has a good eye. Dominates LHP while doing well against RHP. Has some power. Can't play defense at all. Has a solid arm though.
  2. Michel Miro (LA) 76.29
    Miro will strike out more than you'd like, but he has a lot of power. Drives the ball well and can work a walk. Good range and strong arm, struggles with the glove.
  3. Al Mondesi (SEA) 76.14
    Won't strike out much at all, but does drive the ball well. Can work a walk and hit for some power. Good defender.
  4. Jim Carroll (LR) 76.00
  5. Seth Myers (TOR) 75.86
  6. Jhonny Manzanillo (NB) 74.86
  7. Denny Spencer (MNT) 72.57
  8. Sean Stearns (CLB) 72.57
  9. Carlos Baez (LV) 72.14
  10. Alex Zhang (RIC) 71.57

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