Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 3B

  1. Clay Swisher (OTT) 81.29
    An elite player, Swisher hits for tremendous power, drives the ball well. He won't strike out much at all. He has 2 "weaknesses"...his eye isn't good and he doesn't have top notch range. He has a great glove and a great arm.
  2. Peter Carmona (FLA) 79.29
    Carmona doesn't strike out too much. Has good power. Good eye. Dominant against RHP. Solid against LHP. Solid rang, good glove, strong arm, lacks accuracy.
  3. Rich Eaton (NB) 78.14
    Eaton makes solid contact. He does have decent power. Solid eye. Dominates LHP. Solid against RHP. Good glove, range, strong arm, struggles with accuracy at times.
  4. Kory Sterns (NO) 76.57
  5. Arthur Davenport (OTT) 76.29
  6. Pasqual Blanco (HON) 75.43
  7. Jorge James (ARI) 75.14
  8. Andres Santos (ATL) 74.71
  9. Alan Anderson (LA) 74.29
  10. Carlos Jimenez (NY2) 74.00
  11. B.J. Grabow (CH2) 73.43

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