Friday, May 28, 2010

More Trade Analysis by tk21775

Trade #1

Jacksonville Receives: Chet Myers

Florida Receives: Maicer Reyes

Analysis: Jacksonville Gators and the Florida Tropics engaged in talks to deal 27 year old SP Maicer Reyes and 19 year old SP Chet Myers. Jacksonville looks to get younger with this trade, allowing Myers to start out in Low A while the Tropics get a pitcher in Reyes who will be able to help out in the majors right away. If Myers can reach his projections he’ll end up the better pitcher out of the two but it also looks like it will be at least 3-4 more seasons before he’ll be called up.

Owner drichar138 on the trade: “Sure, we are in rebuilding mode in Jacksonville and this offer from Florida fit our needs. Reyes is 27 and probably wasn't going to make our big league rotation, so we figured it was a low risk gamble to bring in the 19 year old Myers and see if he can develop into a ML pitcher in 3-4 seasons.”

Owner ajwalton was unavailable for comment.

Trade #2

Little Rock Receives: Sal Latham

Syracuse Receives: Sting Powell , Mendy Kojima , Mendy Kojima , and 5 million cash

Chicago Receives: Alfredo Candelaria

Analysis: Little Rock/Syracuse/Chicago makes first 3 team trade of the season. The Swapfire receive 28 year old Sal Latham who will immediately be put in the 2B roster spot with his solid defense and bat, along with great speed. In exchange they send 19 year old LF Sting Powell, 23 year old P Mendy Kojima and 22 year old Alfredo Candelaria to Syracuse. Kojima looks to fill in a long relief role for the Orange with very solid control and splits although durability will limit his innings and Powell will begin in Low A where he looks to be more of a LF than 2B with a below avg. bat. Candelaria didn’t even have time to unpack his bags before he was back on a plane heading for Chicago where the LF looks to finally have found a spot in AA ball with a solid bat. The Black Sox send over 32 year old SP Ezdra Cruz and his 4 yr. $6M contract. Cruz will fill in the #2 SP spot for the Orange and has posted a 4.88 era in 5 games so far. He should be producing better numbers than that as the season goes on although health could play a factor in the 32 year olds career.

Owner mcbain10 on his side of the trade: “I had too many 2B/CF, so it was exchanging him for some minor league talent. I like the young pitcher I got, and I turned Candeleria around for a ML SP, which I needed, so it worked out. Basically traded an excess 2B/CF for a ML SP, a minor league SP, and maybe a useful bench player.”

Owner mamidu on the trade: “I'm happy with the trade. I expect Alfredo Candelaria to be a starter in the next year or so that hits for avg & power. To me, Cruz was expendable with his high salary for the next 4 years, age and I needed a COF in return.”

Trade #3

Florida Receives: J.D. Dixon and Jose Hernandez

Columbus Receives: Bingo Jepsen and Ruben Morales

Analysis: Florida pulls off its 6th and final trade so far this season, this time pairing up with Columbus. The Tropics receive 20 year old SS Jose Hernandez and 23 year old SP J.D. Dixon in exchange for 23 year old Cl Ruben Morales and 24 year old 1B Bingo Jepsen. Jepsen goes straight to the bigs where he’s hitting .341 early in the season with 21 rbis (EDIT: Jepsen gets traded before he plays a game for the Aeros); Morales will begin in AAA where he looks like he’ll be a dominant closer although he’s struggling to begin the season. Hernandez starts the season for the Topics in High A where he looks to be more of a 3B player with an avg. bat while Dixon heads straight for the majors and into the starting pitching rotation where his 6.44 era should settle down as the season progresses.

Owner anml34 on the trade: “Ajwalton drives a hard bargain. We liked Morales as another cornerstone of our bullpen in the coming years with the huge bat that Jepson provides but to give up Dixon made us think more than twice about making this deal."

Trade #4

Richmond Receives: Wandy Park and Alvin Browne

Colorado Springs Receives: Mark Iannetta and Miguel Mesa

Analysis: The Richmond Rebels and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox have agreed to a deal that will send 22 year old SS Miguel Mesa and 22 year old P Mark Iannetta to Colorado and 23 year old RF Wandy Park and 21 year old C Alvin Browne to Richmond. Brown will start out in AAA where he will crush the ball against left-handed pitchers and Park will join him in crushing right handers. Iannetta will also begin his career in AAA where he will develop into a solid #3 pitcher for the Sky Sox and Mesa will look to take over the SS in AAA with a solid bat.

Owner joekendall on the trade: “We really felt the need to improve our pitching for the future. By adding Iannetta, we feel we have added a future guy to our ML rotation. We parted with a couple of good players, but we felt it was a great opportunity to add to the organization.”

Owner train on the trade: “Joe had made a few inquires on Iannetta but we didn't seem to match up 1 for 1. We ended up expanding the deal to what you see now. I was reluctant to include Mesa but ultimately that's what got it done.”

Trade #5

New Britain Receives: Tyler Higgins

Los Angeles Receives: Glen Dimaggio

Analysis: New Britain’s back to the trading table, this time sitting with the Los Angeles Tiger Sharks as they make their first trade of the season. The Rock Bats will receive 25 year old Tyler Higgins who starts out in LF for the major league squad, hitting a solid .333 so far this season with 19 rbis. The Tiger Sharks will let 19 year old Glen Dimaggio (no relation to Joe) begin in High A where if he can stay healthy he’ll develop into a nice long relief pitcher that will be excellent against righties when he get the call up.

Owner crb2 on the trade: "We'll miss Higgins, but we got a nice prospect at Starting Pitcher and feel like we can replace his contribution in the lineup with a number of guys. And nobody will miss his personal hygiene habits"

Trade #6

New Britain Receives: Joseph Lee

Atlanta Receives: Willie Hernandez

Analysis: Already at the trading table, New Britain didn’t bother getting up, allowing Atlanta instead to sit down with them and strike a deal. The Rock Cats get 31 year old closer Joseph Lee who’s much better than his 8.44 era in 5 games this season and 3 year $5.6M contract shows. Atlanta sends 20 year old Willie Hernandez to High A ball to develop into a 2B for the future, although he’ll more than likely take over LF. No matter where he plays, his bat will be dangerous to opposing pitchers although his durability will limit the number of at bats he gets.

Owner mr_gone on the trade: “It was hard to let Joseph Lee go. As far as closers go he was as much of a sure thing as my ex. But we could not turn down a shot to bring in a player like Willie Hernandez. He is going to be the cornerstone of our offense for a long time to come.”

Owner mikejuggalo on his two trades: “I needed a top of the order LF and a durable RP for my bullpen. It was worth giving up my last two good prospects in order to get them. I’m in win now mode so they do me no good if they are not major league ready now.”

Trade #7

Richmond Receives: Dwight Westmoreland and 1.5 million

El Paso Receives: Bo Sewell and Jim Dorsey

Analysis: Not wanting to get outdone in the trading by New Britain, the Richmond Rebels ink another deal, this time letting the El Paso Sluggers get their feet wet in trading this season. The Rebels put 28 year old Dwight Westmoreland into their 3B spot for the season hoping he’ll knock the ball out of the park. The Sluggers will send 20 year old Bo Sewell to Double A where he’ll develop into 3B/RF player with a so-so bat and 23 year old Jim Dorsey to AAA where he takes over 2B for them.

Owner jwdavi01 on his trade: “Traded power hitting vet 3B Dwight Westmoreland for Bo Sewell and Jim Dorsey....While Dwight is a great power hitter, we are trying to build a solid base for the future so adding Bo Sewell, a terrific SS prospect who is currently tearing up the AA league, was a great transaction. As an added bonus 2B Jim Dorsey was included and he is currently in AAA and we’re happy with his progress. We wish Dwight all the best but we really needed to free up the payroll.”

Owner train on his move: “I was in desperate need of a 3B and saw Westmoreland on the block. He fit two needs, as I also needed a power bat. So far he's supplied the power, but not much else (other than a ton of errors!).”

Trade #8

Cleveland Receives: Paulie Williams

Louisville Receives: Tomas Ozuna

Analysis: The Cleveland Gunners announced they will receive 31 year old Paulie Williams from the Louisville Steamboats in exchange for 19 year old Tomas Ozuna. Williams will patrol LF for the Gunners this season and that .144 batting avg. should jump up greatly as he goes along. Ozuna will start out in Low A where he looks to be a very nice pitcher who will be called up in the future.

Owner hurricane384 on the trade: "Paulie Williams was blocking some prospects and had to go, while Ozuna gives us a solid prospect who should be a good pitcher down the road."

Owner wvbucki: “Was looking for a quality OF to add some depth at first base as well.”

Trade #9

Columbus Receives: Piper Cambridge

Texas Receives: Bingo Jepsen and Peter Washington

Analysis: The Columbus Aeros send newly acquired Bingo Jepsen and 23 year old P Peter Washington to the Texas Wildcats. In exchange they receive 25 year old SS Piper Cambridge who immediately begins his career in the majors for the Aeros along with a solid bat although he may get moved from SS to 3B at some point. Jepsen will go ahead and take over 1B for the Wildcats while Washington gets sent to Double A ball where he’ll develop into a top closer someday.

Owner anml34 on the trade: "We have had our eye on Cambridge since spring training. We see him with Eddie growing into a nice 1-2 punch at 2B and SS. Adding Washington was tough but necessary with Jepson's health concerns.”

Trade #10

Texas Receives: Ethan Rocker

Louisville Receives: Arthur Boyd

Analysis: Texas wasn’t finished yet as they send 32 year old Arthur Boyd to Louisville where he will take over LF for the Steamboats and give them a home-run threat when he’s at the plate. In exchange the Wildcats receive 22 year old Ethan Rocker, a nice set-up pitcher who will begin his career in Double-A. The Wildcats will definitely be a tough team to compete against in the future as they have pulled off many deals for some very nice young prospects.

Owner hurrican384 on the trade: "Rocker is going to be a good pitcher, but we felt we needed another bat to compete this season and Boyd fit the bill.”

Trade #11

Colorado Springs Receives: Charlie Duffy and Mario Harper

Philadelphia Receives: Shou Zhang

Analysis: The Colorado Spring Sky Sox struck again, this time making a deal with the Philadelphia Freedom. The Sky Sox receive 29 year old Charlie Duffy who will take over SS where’s he batting a great .372 for the year (.477 for the Sox) and 20 year old C Mario Harper, who begins his career in Double-A and finds himself on the 60-day DL already. The Freedom bring over 20 year old Shou Zhang, a Vietnamese pitcher who will develop in High A before eventually being called up where he’ll be solid against both types of hitters.

Owner joekendall on the trade: “Our starting SS at the time just wasn't getting it done. He was hitting under the Mendoza line. We picked up a guy who can help us now at SS, and we were able to get a C who will be a cornerstone for the team if he can stay healthy. We hated to lose Zhang, but we feel this trade will help the team now and in the future.”

Owner TheJester74 on the trade: “I wanted to let this team on a hot streak know that the GM has their back so I traded away our starting SS for prospects and they responded by getting crushed by the competition since then. I still got their back, but more around season 3.”

Trade #12

Colorado Springs Receives: Eric Castillo and 2.75 million

Charleston Receives: Ricardo Aguilera

In the last trade to get approved so far in Season 1 of Billy Beane, the Charleston River Dogs welcome 23 year old Ricardo Aguilera, a AAA 3B who will be a force against left-handed pitchers. The Colorado Springs Sky Sox introduced 29 year old Eric Castillo to the majors where he’ll take over 3B for them, hitting a solid .355 since being traded.

Owner hopkinsheel on the trade: "This was a cost saving move for seasons 2 and 3 as management decided the 5.8 million per season could be better allocated elsewhere. Aguilera will hopefully be a decent utility player off the bench.”

Owner joekendall on the trade: “We felt like we were weak at 3B and could use a better hitter with a little more pop. We had to give up a decent prospect in return, but it was well worth it.”

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